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How to Share a Dashboard with a Company?

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Radarr allows to share a dashboard within the company and team.

Here are the below steps to share a dashboard with company.

Step 1 : Navigate to dashboard and go to ‘My dashboard’ from where you want to share the dashboard

With the company.

Fig: My Dashboard

Step 2 : Once you click on the dashboard, you can find the ‘Share option’ next to the search bar. Click on the share button now.

Fig: Share a Dashboard

Step 3 : Select on the ‘Company’ button and hit ‘Send’. The dashboard will be now shared with the members who all got access to the company.

Share a Dashbaord with Company
Fig: Share a Dashboard with company

Step 4 : All the employees of the company will now get to see the shared dashboard in the “Shared dashboards” under “Shared with others” option.

Fig: Shared Dashboard with others