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How do I Setup Automated Reports ?

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Radarr allows you track conversations in real-time and be notified of them as and when they meet your criteria and thresholds of interest.

To get started creating your automated reports, head to the “Reports” section located on left hand panel of Radarr platform.

You can locate the “Reports” section by way of the Reports button at the left of your Radarr dashboard. 

Follow the steps below –

  1. Scroll down to the “Enter Email” section
  2. Select the type of report you’d like to set up by clicking on “Report Type”
  3. Depending on the type of report selected, define the threshold for your particular alert that you’d like to get notified of once it reaches the threshold
  4. Select the locations you’d like to cover posts from, for your report
  5. Either select a topic you have created earlier to use for your report or input the keywords you’d like to get the report on via the keyword input field
  6. Please leave the “Publications” and “Entity” fields blank unless you’d like to receive alerts from a particular publication or from a particular type of author (Person, brand or news)
  7. Once done, provide a name for your report
  8. Input the email addresses of the users you’d like for to be the recipients of this alert
  9. Click on “Create” to save your alert