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What is the Difference between Data pull and Display?

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A combination of “Data Pull” and “Display Only” queries allow Radarr users to effectively and accurately customize their data feeds and collect data of relevance.

Here’s a quick overview about the two types of queries –

Data Pull Query –

The data pull query is aimed at collecting data and can be seen as the main query directing the Radarr engine to collect data from across platforms and countries required for. The data pull query has a much shorter character limit and is at 1028 characters.

Fig: Datapull

Display Query –

The display query on the other hand, is aimed at sorting through data that is collected, to display the data in a more customized fashion as is relevant and required. The display query has a larger character limit and is at 5000 characters. This thus allows users to create longer and more customized queries to suit the kind of data that they want to view. Having a higher character limit allows users to add more keyword pairings, combinations and exclusions to further focus data for viewing. So, data pull queries may be several and in order to have more focused and optimized booleans, display queries are utilized.

Please note that here you will have to enable only “I want to use this query to organize my data in topics” and disable “I want to fetch new data for this query“.

Fig: Display