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What is Estimated Reach and how is it calculated ?

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Estimated reach is calculated considering two values:

1. The total number of followers of an account, and

2. How many additional people can be reached based on engagements

Not all followers are reached per post and only a fraction of them actually see content due to platform algorithms. This is taken into account by multiplying the above values by the Reach Visibility Factor (RVF) which differs across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

These are some of the metrics Radarr takes into account when calculating estimated reach. 

You are able to calculate estimated reach for each post as well as at a topic level via Radarr. 

You may identify the estimated reach of your topic or post by visiting the 

“Analytics” section and heading to the “Estimated Reach” section under the “Conversations” sub-tab. This section will provide you an overview of the Estimated Reach  of your post or topics as selected.

Radarr Estimated Reach

Formula updated – As of 13/11/2020 –

RVF numbers were updated to reflect recent numbers.

  1. FB –
    (Actual Number of Followers X 0.055 (RVF 1) + (200 [Platform Average Number of Followers] X Engagement X 0.055 (RVF 2))
  1. IG
    (Actual Number of Followers X 0.3437 (RVF 1) + (1000 [Platform Average Number of Followers] X Engagement X 0% (RVF 2)[Since content liked by a user doesn’t show up in their followers feeds])
  1. TW –
    (Actual Number of Followers X 0.0005 (RVF 1) + (707 [Platform Average Number of Followers] X Engagement X 0.0005 (RVF 2))
    TW RVF is not available (as confirmed by Twitter) so has been substituted with ER (Engagement Rate).