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What does Impact Score or Impact mean? How is it calculated?

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Radarr uses advanced algorithms to bring to surface content that is truly newsworthy and gaining engagement so you can stay on top of conversations and trends online.

The Impact Score is based on a proprietary algorithm that helps users sort and identify posts and content that is gaining high volumes of engagement (likes,comments, shares and views) online.

Please note that engagement by itself is very different from “Impact Score” or “Impact”, as engagement refers to each individual engagement type that occurs for any post, whereas “Impact” uses engagement as a base to further calculate the over effectiveness and performance of each post.

A high or low Impactful post thus, refers to content currently having high or low volumes of engagement. Impact score is calculated relative to the engagement volumes of other posts. Impact Score for a post, mention or interaction is calculated based on the “engagement” that a post receives in terms of likes, shares and comments and also in terms of the Alexa rank of a URL for News and blogs. The “Impact” or “Impact Score” is used to identify content that is gaining high volumes of engagement and which could potentially become viral or start trending.

Below are listed a few applications of “Impact” or “Impact Scoring” –

  1. To compare performance of posts against each other to identify the better performing ones
  2. To proactively identify content or posts that are about to start trending, also via setting up “Impact Alerts”
  3. To measure the performance of your campaign or posts against the competition.