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What are the Kinds of Reports Available?

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Radarr allows you to be notified of posts and mentions based on custom defined thresholds via automated reports as well.

Here’s a listing of the reports you can setup via the platform –

  1. Daily Summary Report
    The daily summary report is often used on a daily basis to get a quick daily overview on how the mentions have been like for their brand/s or topics of interest over the past 24 hours. This can be generated in both, a daily as well as a weekly format.
  2. Daily Inline Report
    The inline report allows users to get a clear understanding and view of all mentions segregated per topic and having occurred over the past 24 hours for their brand/s or topics of interest. This is a convenient format to track all mentions and measure volume with respect to other topics/brands in an easy to access in-mail format.
  3. All Mentions Report
    The All mentions report enables users to get a full CSV data sheet with all data points around each post of all mentions having occurred over the past 24 hours for the topic/brand/s of interest.
  4. Daily Sentiment Report
    The sentiment report allows for users to get a report which is focused solely on the sentiments and sentiment comparison between topics/brands of interest. This report type is useful to get a daily overview of the sentiments around your topics/brands and identify if there are any key issues that are leading to a spike in sentiment. This can be generated in a daily as well as a weekly format. Useful for continuous brand/campaign/topic sentiment tracking.
  5. One Time Report
    This reporting type allows you to quickly generate a report immediately without having to schedule it for a future date and choose a custom duration for covering in the report.