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Survey Feature in Social Media Response

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We often hear the age-old question, “What do customers really want?” The answer is simple: ask them! Surveys are indispensable in obtaining data to develop effective strategies and keep employees and customers happy. Through a well-designed survey strategy, we can acquire information that gives us a competitive edge and enables us to stay ahead of the curve.

By analyzing the results, we can seek solutions to keep our customers returning for more and ensure high employee motivation, resulting in top-notch service. Guesswork can be inaccurate and lead to misguided business decisions. So why not take the direct route and ask customers directly? These valuable insights are worth their weight in gold.

Radarr has got a new feature that enables our users to send survey links to their customers when tickets are closed in SMR. With this feature, customer support teams can better understand customer satisfaction and improve their service levels.

Here’s what you need to know:

How to send survey links:

Step 1: Click on Response Module from Switch Module Section

Step 2: Click on the SMR survey under Response Module from the left-hand side of the Radarr Platform

You will see the below window appears once you reach the SMR Survey section.

Step 3: You will need to enable Survey to send out surveys to your customers from the top right corner.

Step 4: Select the brand color, profile, and company logo from where you want the survey to go out.

Step 5: Once you save it, you will have to choose the questions that you want to send to your customer for survey

Radarr gives you the option of customizing the questions that you want to send to your customer for a survey to share their experience.

Step 6: Please click on Save once you have set all the questions or feedback.

That’s It! Now once you close a ticket in SMR, a survey will be auto-generated for your customers.

Radarr also allows you to track your customer responses and get analytics on the same where you will be able to get “Csat over time” which will have a drill-down capability on high and low points, enabling users to identify the tickets that caused the dip in satisfaction.

Additional Feature: You can send the survey link manually in case the link did not go through

Note: Customer responses will only be accessible by managers, and the responses can be exported.