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Learn about the best Instagram analytics tools that will give you valuable insights into your audience and strategy, plus metric definitions.

Radarr Instagram analytics

Instagram analytics are the tools that allow you to see key metrics and data related to your Instagram performance. This data can range from the very basic (like how many people saw or liked an individual post) to the very specific (like what time your account’s followers are most likely to be online).

Tracking the data you can access through Instagram analytics is the only way to build an effective Instagram strategy. If you’re not tracking data, you’re just guessing about what works.

You might luck out and have some success just based on your intuition — but without the numbers to back your work, you’ll never be able to test, refine or grow. Without data, you can also never show the value of your work to your boss, team, client, or other stakeholders.

You will find Instagram Insights under Page Analytics as shown in the below Steps.

Step 1: Click on Page Analytics from Select Module Section

Step 2: Click on Instagram Insights and the below window appears where you will be able to find insights of your linked Instagram Insights.

Key Instagram analytics metrics that you will find in Radarr

Engagement rate: Number of engagements as a percentage of followers or reach. This is a baseline for evaluating how well your content is resonating with your audience and inspiring action.

Followers Count: This shows the count of you followers which will help you to know how quickly you’re gaining or losing followers. No other Instagram metric has a bigger impact on organic reach.

Total Post Reach:

Instagram feed post metrics to track

Radarr also provide important feed post metrics to track like below

  1. Post engagement rate: Number of engagements as a percentage of followers or reach. You can calculate this manually, but good Instagram analytics tools like Radarr will do the math for you.
  2. Post comment rate: Number of comments as a percentage of followers or reach. If your goals involve building loyalty, or nurturing relationships, count comments separately from overall engagements and work to lift that number specifically.
  3. Post Impressions: Total number of times your post was served to users. This can indicate how well you’re promoting your account and content.
  4. Post Reach: How many people saw your post. The more engaging your content is, the more people will see it

Audience demographics: This isn’t a metric exactly but a group of important data points that can help you understand what types of content are likely to be most effective.

The video below explains how Instagram analytics works