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How to create a Dashboard

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Radarr allows to create your own dashboard and below are the following steps to create a dashboard

Dashboards can be created under Radarr’s Listening module.

Step 1: Click on Listening Module from the left-hand side panel

Step 2: Click on Dashboards from the left-hand side panel of Radarr Platform.

A dashboard can be created in two ways, either you can clone an existing Dashboard or you can create your own dashboard.

Step 3: Click on “Create Dashboard”

Create a Dashboard
Fig: Create a Dashboard

Step 3: Give a desired name and description to your dashboard and click on create.

Create a Dashboard

As you can see we Cloned a Dashboard and given a name to the new dashboard

Create a Test Dashboard
Fig: Create a Test Dashboard

Step 4: You can now find the created dashboard under “My dashboard” and then click on your desired dashboard.

Test Dashboard created in My Dashboard
Fig: Test Dashboard created

Step 5: Now click on “Filters” to select the required data scope such as topics, location, duration and else. Save them all once done for future reference and click apply.

Apply Filter
Fig: Apply Filter

Step 6: To visualize the data click on “ Add charts “. Then drag and drop the charts you find interesting from the left chart to the right deck such as top influencers, moments analysis, else.

Radarr Add Charts
Add Charts

Step 7: You can rearrange the charts as per your preference.

Radarr Charts Rearrange

Step 8: Dashboard is now ready to be used.

For more details please refer to the below video