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How to Clone the Dashboard?

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Clone dashboard helps the user to create a new dashboard from already saved dashboards

Step 1 : Click on create dashboard.

Click on Create Dashboard

Step 2 : Select a dashboard you want to clone already from the saved ones. Give a desired name and description to your new dashboard. Left side of the “Create dashboard” deck will have the cloning feature.


Step 3 : You can now find the created dashboard under “My dashboard” and then click on the dashboard

Which you have cloned.

Fig: Dashboard-Clone-in-Radarr

Step 4 : “Filters” will be already saved in your newly created dashboard from the dashboard which you

Cloned from.

Step 5 : Similar charts from the cloned dashboard will be present in the dashboard which is newly created.

Step 6 : You can rearrange the charts as per your preference.

Rearranging charts in Radarr
Fig: Rearranging charts in Radarr

Step 7 : Dashboard is now ready to be used.

For more details please refer to the following mentioned link