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Facebook Insights – Charts & Metrics Explained

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As we head into 2023, Facebook remains the world’s most-used social media platform. It might not get the likes of TikTok or Instagram or Twitter, but with nearly 3 billion global active users, its reach is still unmatched.

If you prefer to focus specifically on your Facebook results, you can also use Radarr Page Analytics to dive deep into all the Facebook metrics that matter most to your business.

You can find out your page’s Total Follower which is the total number of followers count for your page which gives you an exact details of people following your page. You can download this data by click on the top right hand side also you can check the Total Page Reach which represent your total page reach for a specific period of time. Also, we got more charts like Total Page Views, Total Post Engagement, Total Post Comment , Total Post shares, Total Post Reactions and Total Posts which will help to track your brand’s performance on the world’s most popular social network.

Comparing results across platforms is the only way to understand what your audience expects from you on each platform, and how best to connect with them in each context. Radarr Analytics allows you to see how your audience responds on each platform so you can better understand where your Facebook and social media marketing efforts fit into the bigger picture.

Reviewing your Facebook analytics is also an important way to understand your audience. There’s a veritable treasure trove of data available to help reveal exactly who is engaging with and following your content, with demographic and geographic data that covers age, sex, location, and more. Radarr is the right tool for this as it allows to know your audience by age, gender and country.

Please note that you can only view data for one connected page at a time. Also, that charts here reflect data based on the Pacific time zone. Profile timezone does not apply here. And by default, 7 days of historic data is available for Facebook insights.