Auto-Sync to Response based on the Keywords

Radarr now lets you automatically sync the data from the online social network to Response, which lets your agent respond to the posts or comments through Brand handles.

Please follow the steps below to utilize this feature

Step 1 – A query in the Listening module needs to be created for the keywords of your interest to fetch the data from the social networks. Please follow this link to learn more about creating a Listening query.

Step 2 – Now, head to the Response module and click “Keyword Based Sync” under “Workflow”. Note this will only be able to be accessed by the person with the Manager access

Step 3 – Click on “Create Keyword” a new pop will appear for the configurations 

Step 4 – Enter the required details, such as name, and keywords, and restrict it to the specific language and Countries if required. 

Step 5 – You can either enable or disable “Create Ticket Automatically”

a. If “Create Ticket Automatically” is enabled, the system will let you choose the authenticated brand pages from which you would like to respond to those messages. 

b. If “Create Ticket Automatically” is disabled, the system will send this to the “Keyword Based Sync” tab on the left-hand menu. Managers can access “Keyword Based Sync” messages and send the required posts to the Response inbox. So the agents will be able to respond to those messages

Step – 6 – If “Create Ticket Automatically” is disabled. Click on “Keyword Based Sync” to review the posts manually and manually sync the ticket to the Response inbox.

Step 7 – Select authenticated pages from which you would like to respond and click on “Apply”. A successful message will appear saying, “Converted to ticket successfully”

Step 8 – Click on SMR inbox to respond to these messages

Limitations – 

  1. This feature is supported for Facebook, Facebook Comments, X, and YouTube.
  2. This will work only for keyword-based rules and account handles are not supported

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