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How to create Query

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A Query is a request for data or information from a database table or combination of keywords.

Here are the below steps to create query in Radarr Query Builder.

Step 1: Click on Query Builder. 

Step 2: Click on create new query 

Radarr Query Builder
Fig: Create New Query in Radarr Platform

Step 3:Next Specify the location you want to track

Selecting location in Query builder
Fig: Selecting location in Radarr Query Builder

Step 4:Start typing your keywords, hashtags or social media handles. 

Fig: Enter Keywords Radarr Query Builder

Step 5: Check sample data for relevant suggestions once configuration of keywords is completed

Validate and Show Sample Data-Radarr Query Builder
Fig: Validate and show sample data

Step 6: Click on verify before submit as this will show if there is any errors in configuration of keywords

Fig: Verify and Add Social Accounts in Radarr Query Builder

Step 7: Name the Query and Save it under a new topic or an existing topic.

Fig: Name your query and Save in Topic

Step8: Click on Create Query once the above steps are followed. 

Create a Query in Radarr Query Builder
Fig: Create a Query in Radarr Query Builder


The below video will explain about the operators and how it helps to track and creating a Query in Radarr