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Why do I see Deleted/Deactivated/Removed users in the User List?

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To deactivate a user, please follow the steps below – (Please note that, users cannot be entirely removed from the platform by you and only users can be deactivated)

  1. Ensure you have Admin privileges, then head to the “Settings” Panel
  2. Head to the “User Management” tab
  3. You will now be able to view the full list of users with access types who currently have access to your Radarr platform
Radarr User Managment Panel
Fig: User Management panel in Radarr
  1. Click the “Edit” button alongside the user who’s access you wish to modify
Radarr User Status
Fig: User Accounts display
  1. Click on the “Inactive” button to deactivate the user.
  1. Click on “Save” after you’re done with your edits to the user. 
Radarr deactivate user manual
Fig: Radarr deactivate user manual
  1. The user will now be unable to login