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How can I Identify Conversation Themes?

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Conversation themes refer to the most commonly occurring conversation topics that are occurring online based on your topics setup.

To quickly identify these top conversation topics or themes, you can follow the follow steps –

  1. Head to the Dashboard of your choice 
  2. Ensure you have the Filters setup as desired, including the topics of interest, duration, location, languages and platforms
  3. Once ready, head to the “Analytics” section and select chart “Top Influencers”
  4. Locate the wordcloud visualization which will be the top-most chart in this section
  5. The top right corner of the wordcloud chart shows you if its in the “Frequency wordcloud” mode” or “Impact wordcloud” mode
  6. Via the “Frequency wordcloud”
    – You will be able to see the most frequently mentioned keywords used by online netizens in their conversations which will allow you to identify what are the most common topics of conversation
    Via the “Impact wordcloud”
    – You will be able to see the phrases used in the most engaged-with conversations and posts online. This means, posts having the highest volume of engagement. Key phrases used in those posts and conversations will be highlighted in this wordcloud mode, thus allowing you to see the common phrases and conversation topics amongst the most engaged with posts.

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