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What are the My Dashboards, Favourite & Shared Dashboards about? How can I set these up?

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Dashboards can be broadly classified into 4 categories and they are All dashboard, My Dashboard, Shared Dashboard and Favorites. Here are the below steps to set these up

Step 1 : Click on create dashboard.

Radarr Create Dashboard

Step 2 : Give a desired name and description to your dashboard and click on create.

Radarr Dashboard

Step 3 : You can now find the created dashboard under “My dashboard” and then click on your desired dashboard.

Radarr My Dashboard

Favourite dashboards:

Bookmark any dashboard from “my dashboard” you want to watch in favourites.

Radarr Favourite Dashboard
Radarr Favourite Dashboard

You will now find your selected dashboard in “Favourites”

Radarr Favourite Dashboard

Shared Dashboard :

Step 1 : Navigate to dashboard and go to ‘My dashboard’ from where you want to share the dashboard

With the team.

Radarr Shared Dashboard