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Select or Change Modules in Radarr Platform

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Radarr introduces options to select different modules as per your needs or preferences.

Here are the different Modules in the Radarr Platform

Module 1: Listening Module

Module 2: Response Module

Module 3: Page Analytics

Module 4: Publishing Module

Steps to select Modules in Radarr

Steps to Select Listening Module:

Step 1: Click on ‘Listening’ on the Left Hand Side panel

Fig: Listening Module in Radarr

The listening Module will look like the below

Steps to change or select different modules in the Radarr Platform.

Step 1: Click on the module change button like the below image.

Step 2: Select the Module you want to access

Step 3: You can either click on the “Module Switch” button to change the module or you can select the module from the left-hand side panel under the Home page in Radarr Platform like below.

Select the module you want to access from the left-hand side panel under the Home Page of the Radarr Platform.

Do reach out to support@radarr.com for any queries.