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How do I Track Accounts or Specific Online Pages?

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Radarr allows users to track unlimited accounts and pages across different platforms.

Any type of user can access “Query Builder” and start tracking the accounts.

To get started with setting up an account/s for tracking, simply follow the quick steps below –

1. Head to “Query Builder” located on the left-hand side panel.

2. You should now be able to all the previously created list of Topics and Queries

3. In order to add an account for tracking, simply click on the “Create New Query” button located at the top, above all the topic listings.


Create New Query
Fig: Create New Query

4. This will now open a new screen. This allows you to set up accounts for tracking as well as create new topics.

To learn more about how to go about creating new topics or subtopics, click here.

5. Click on the plus mark on “Configure Accounts and Pages”, which opens a new drop up where you will need to input the account details for the accounts you require to start tracking.


Configure Social Accounts and Pages
Fig: Configure Social Accounts and Pages

6. You should now be able to see a window with several drop downs labeled as – Platform, Account Name/URL Feeds, Location, and Entity type.


Add social accounts

Please note that Radarr only allows you to configure public accounts and pages for tracking. The tracking of private accounts is not supported.

7. Please select the desired platform from the dropdown (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc as provided) depending on the account you wish to configure

8. Proceed to input the page/account URL. You may copy/paste the URL of the page here. Please abide by the formats listed below for each of the platform types as selected and specified below

– Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CitiSingapore/

– Facebook Comments – https://www.facebook.com/CitiSingapore/

– Twitter – Citibank

– YouTube – UC9DxapFQLjLalg-rQOZgsDA (For Youtube make sure you input only a 16 digit number in the account box)

– Blogs – https://blog.citigroup.com/atom.xml

– Forums – https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/external.php?type=RSS2

– News – https://www.straitstimes.com/sites/default/files/rss_breaking_news.opml

9. Proceed to then select the location the account belongs to from the “Location” dropdown

10. Next, select the Entity Type, depending on what you’d like to configure your account as. See below a classification list of entity types to see what entity type best fits your account you require to set up tracking for

– Male

If the account is of a person and gender is Male

– Female

If the account is of a person and gender is female

– Person-Unknown

If the account is of a person and not sure about the gender

– Brand

If the account is of any brand

– News

If the account is of any media site

– Unknown

When no information about the account is available

11. Once ready and all fields are filled out, proceed to click on “Verify”. Click on add, once the accounts are verified successfully. One can add up to 20 accounts in one subtopic. If you would like to add more accounts you can create a new query and add.

12. Once you are done adding all the accounts required for tracking, simply head to input a topic and subtopic name that all these accounts to fall under and for you to organise under one topic. EG. You may want to list all your Owned pages together and call your topic as “Citibank Owned Pages’.

13. We recommend listing all your “Owned pages/accounts” as well as “Competition pages and accounts” under a topic called “Scanner”

14. Please ensure your topic or subtopic names are unique from the other topic and subtopic names and do not contain any special characters such as */#!@~&()[]?$% – If you’d like to add your current accounts listing as a sub-topic within an existing topic, select the topic name as the one you would like to add your current accounts listing and provide a new name for the sub-topic

15. Once ready, click on “Create Query”

Congratulations! Now you have successfully configured the accounts you would like to track.


Reach us at support@radarr.com for any assistance.