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Difference between earned and owned mentions tracking

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Radarr allows you to track broadly 2 kinds of mentions – 

  1. Earned / Organic Mentions 

– These are tracked based on keywords or hashtags, hence, only posts that mention these keywords will be captured

– These are organic or naturally occurring posts or conversations that are being shared online either by social media users, news media or brands.

– A method used when wanting to track conversations around a specific topic, industry, brand or category of interest which match your keywords 

  1. Owned Mentions

– These are posts that are primarily tracked based on sources, pages, authors or accounts that you specify as required for tracking

– All posts from these sources, pages, authors or accounts as specified will be tracked and captured as compared to tracking via keywords only

– Commonly a method used when wanting to track all posts by your own pages online, your competition’s pages, key opinion leaders, or influencers you want to keep a track.

– In query builder select “Configure Accounts and Pages” that allows to configure all the accounts & pages from your own pages as well as your competitor’s pages